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Easy to use

This interface offers a precise and efficient way to access information or perform actions, including complex and technical tasks by using command.

Real time

The real-time nature of the wicebot.guru ensures prompt and up-to-date information for the user, making it useful for various applications.

Free trial

With 100 request/month free trial period,users can experience the full range of Wicebot's services and see how it can improve their workflow on Slack.

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100 request/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I ask Wicebot to do things for me?


Chat with Wicebot, it's easy as pie!


Need to code, but don't have the time?


From Java to Python, we've got you covered!


How does Wicebot summarize a thread conversation?

Wicebot, the intelligent Slack bot that summarizes your team's conversations in a clear and concise format. With Wicebot, you can quickly catch up on important discussions, stay up-to-date on project progress, and never miss a critical message again.

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